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Sales Performance

Why Sales Managers Should Watch Horror Movies

Let’s start today with an insight: We have an important internal claim: ATES – We are sales and the spark more. Because no matter how good a company is, offering great products and services, without sales nothing works, nothing will happen. That’s why our CEO Sevgi, a die-hard sales person through and through, attaches great importance to the fact that every employee, regardless of their position, is also a sales person. It is important to us that we all, both together and in our own area, commit ourselves to economic success and make our contribution. At ATES GmbH we call this commitment: “Oneness with everything”. But what is this spark


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Those who speak frankly get the best results

We often read that managers should be particularly empathetic. Of course, in addition to many other exorbitant qualities that they should have in theory and ideally also in practice. However, if we reflect honestly and have already been active as a “leader” ourselves, some of these must-haves of a perfect


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