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Don’t trust the consultant, practice the system.

ATES Spirit® is our specially developed systemic consulting method for increasing performance energy. With the help of the three disciplines Mindset, Journey and Toolbox, ATES Spirit® looks at companies, teams and organizations in their structure and culture right down to the individual.

In a total of five dimensions, the system helps blockages to be dissolved, potentials to be raised and both structural and content-related separations to be united into a common high-performer mindset and thus aligned into a holistic strategy.

Combining spirit and material success

With ATES Spirit® we have created a system with which people, teams and organizations can become highly performant in a self-organized way. ATES Spirit® imparts skills (know-how) and shows the way (guidance) how a system can transform its spirit (emotion) into performance energy through concrete action and thus inevitably into material success.

The path is the goal. The result is the consequence.

A high-performance system

If emotions are not transformed into awareness or action energy, they automatically lead to thought and performance blockages, i.e. reduced and/or destructive performance energy (pressure to perform instead of desire to perform). To enable the process of performance improvement through self-control, we need a performant system with all the logic, stringency and applicable skills. Only then can individuals and companies begin to condense energy into concrete actions and a good dynamic that helps them to achieve their goals.

A successful method

We need a good way to achieve this dynamic, which is why we created ATES Spirit®. It has everything, conveys everything and enables us to use our scope of action intensively to achieve our personal success. We are grateful, happy and proud that ATES Spirit® exists. The 12th man on board every team, or in other words, the best performance buddy that each and every one of us can imagine having at our side.

With ATES Spirit® it is possible to map flows of performance energy and interdependencies between person, system and action. This reveals potentials that would otherwise remain undiscovered. The full development of people’s resources thus achieved releases positive energy that flows into an organization in the form of commitment, creativity and increased performance rates. Because people who have competence, performance energy and motivation are the decisive key to success. In the sense of ATES Spirit®, high-performance is never an individual discipline, but the power of the collective in the sense of something valuable, the big picture, such as your corporate goals or other ambitions of your team or yourself.

High-performance reality

Teams that discover their own spirit thanks to ATES Spirit® achieve a high, measurable increase in performance. In these teams, there is little time for the unproductive and plenty of time for the essential. There is little bureaucracy, few explanations, but lots of ideas, initiatives and consistent action. There is no isolation and frustration, but inner stability and a holistic approach. All of this leads to high-performance not only in, but also at and above all for a company or for personal development. And with a shared focus on the big picture!

"For the benefit of the individual and for the good of all."

This makes it almost easy to create the unity of spirit and material success for the common good, i.e. with positive economic added value. This is what we mean when we say: “For the benefit of the individual and for the good of all.”

We make ATES Spirit® available to everyone in the business world

Our product portfolio is designed to make our ATES Spirit® system available to every person, every team and every organization on our planet sooner or later. For the benefit of the individual and for the good of all, that is what drives us and what drives the economy forward sustainably. Everything is interconnected and value creation can and must only be thought of and implemented globally and comprehensively. ATES Spirit® is the only consulting system in the world that meets these multidimensional requirements and is tailored to the different needs of all generations.

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