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Hello, it's us - ATES Consulting!šŸ‘‹

Sevgi Ates and her team have been established go-to partners in systematic corporate development for around 30 years. ATES Consulting has always moved with the times. As the first remote consulting company in the DACH region, the three company units offer target group-specific consulting-as-a-service, stringently and continuously based on the successful ATES SpiritĀ® consulting system.

High-Performance Consulting as a Service

With its three units, ATES Consulting meets the highest requirements of a modern, innovative and forward-looking group of companies, both in terms of content and technological implementation. As a consulting group, we see it as our duty to offer only products and services that live up to our claim of helping all people to achieve their personal high-performance reality – for the benefit of the individual and for the best of all.ā€Æ

ATES Consulting’s Consulting-as-a-Service offering meets the needs of a wide range of target groups across all generations, from empowering Gen Z to securing and expanding economic stability and innovative strength in SMEs to maintaining the working power and mental health of managers and their teams.

All projects are based on ATES SpiritĀ®, the systemic consulting method for increasing performance energy. ATES SpiritĀ® looks at companies, teams and organizations in their structure and culture, right down to the individual. The full development of people’s resources uncovers untapped potential and releases positive energy that flows into the organization in the form of commitment, creativity and increased performance. Because people who have competence, performance energy and motivation are the key to maximum corporate success.

Our Headquarter

Our head office is located in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen, a lively, trendy district characterized by a combination of traditional buildings and modern architecture. We have remained true to this approach when furnishing our listed “ATES Tower”. Our customers love the modern Bauhaus-style furnishings, the pleasant ambience and the great view of the Rhine. Take a look inside!

Our history

Our history began in the mid-1990s as the courageous “one-woman show” of a student. A lot has happened since then – ATES Consulting is now a successful family business in the 2nd generation and on its way to becoming a globally active multiconsulting group.


On the way to the Multiconsulting Group

With its three new company units ATES Thrive, ATES DACH and ATES QabudĀ®, ATES Consulting offers innovative, digital consulting-as-a-service products. This makes the 2019 announcement a reality – ATES Consulting is the first remote consulting company in the DACH region.


Award as "Consultant of Excellence for German SMEs"

ATES DACH GmbH receives the “Excellence Consultant for German SMEs” award from “Die deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW)”. The award recognizes the “both-and approach” (there are no hurdles, there is always a way forward), which meets the high demands placed on consulting in the 21st century.


Company succession and innovative plans for the future

Viola and Gloria Ates bring their expertise to the company as Young Leader Consultant and Junior Sales Operator and lead it into the 21st century in close collaboration with founder Sevgi Ates. The focus is on developing digital services, in line with the prediction made by Sevgi Ates as a speaker at the 2019 Innovator of the Year award ceremony: ATES DACH GmbH will become the first remote consulting company in the DACH region.


The development of ATES SpiritĀ®

Working with our clients makes it clear that many issues are not just about work as such, but also about ambitions, i.e. goals that are manifested in concrete terms from within. In line with these ideas, Working SpiritĀ® is undergoing a transformation process towards ATES SpiritĀ®. ATES SpiritĀ® will be registered as a trademark in 2019.


Innovator of the year award

ATES DACH GmbH has been named “Innovator of the Year 2017” by the business portal Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW). Sevgi Ates secured first place in the consulting category for her Working SpiritĀ® method and its successful implementation as part of innovation processes in companies from numerous industries.


Corporate Identity Relaunch

The company is renamed ATES DACH GmbH. In addition, a corporate identity relaunch takes place, as part of which numerous lectures are offered specifically for the use and application of Working SpiritĀ® for 100% business success.


Systematic realignment and global expansion

In response to many customer requests, the portfolio of services is geared towards systematic performance management according to Working SpiritĀ® in all service areas of consulting. The first international projects are successfully implemented, including in Luxembourg and New York.


Commitment to university teaching

Sevgi Ates has accepted a teaching position at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, where, among other things, Working SpiritĀ® is taught as a method in the field of self-management.


Expansion of activities into the soccer sector

Expansion of activities to the soccer industry, including guest lectures as part of the DFB soccer coach training course (topic: “Systemic training – systemic success”). In addition, expansion of the portfolio to include the area of mental training in competitive sport.


A new location

The company moves into new offices in Cologne’s city center, directly on the Rhine.


QM certification and new focus on change and performance management

The service portfolio is reorganized and expanded. As one of the three largest companies in the consulting and training industry worldwide, ates communikation introduces the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and the DVWO quality model.


10th anniversary

ates communikation celebrates its 10th anniversary. The successful Working SpiritĀ® consulting system is registered as a trademark.


Specialization and expansion of the consulting area

The service portfolio is divided into the areas of Sales & Services and Human Resources (teams, management coaching, processes). In 2003, the portfolio is expanded to include personnel development.


Facelift of the corporate identity

The new claim “flow by success” and the boomerang as a logo form the new trademark of ates communikation.



ates communikation is growing rapidly and is receiving very positive media attention.


Company foundation

Sevgi Ates founds the sole proprietorship ates communikation. The company offers consulting, training and induction in the areas of sales, call center development and customer services.