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People, teams and organizations are created to achieve the best possible outcomes through concrete action.

Therefore, it is a fact: It is your human right to transform personal ambitions into an active high-performance reality. This unites us all and is what we strive for.

“Turning Your Amibition into High-Performance Reality” – that is our mission. We are ATES, your remote consulting group in the DACH region. We are much more than just consultants. We are supporters, companions and buddies for you, your team and your company in the tension field between your own aspirations and external requirements.

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We make high-performance available to everyone in the business world.

All Consulting-as-a-Service products of the ATES Consulting Group are available remotely and on-demand as well as multidimensionally: They address your business habits, your lifestyle and your pursuit of higher goals.

In our three business units ATES Thrive, ATES DACH and ATES Qabud®, we accompany you on your path to self-organized high-performance, tailored to every stage of life from 18 to 99. All our services can also be combined with each other in the way that best suits you and your ambitions.

New Talent Transformation 🚀

Are you on the verge of founding your first start-up or at the beginning of your career in a company with big plans? And you’re wondering how you can access the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge? Then our New Talent Transformation is just right for you. We’ll equip you with all the tools, knowledge and insights you need to launch your business career with confidence.

On the journey to your personal high-performance reality, you will be accompanied by a vibrant community of like-minded people who provide inspiration and valuable connections.

Company & Owner Transformation 💎

As an entrepreneur, you founded your company to create something big.

Over the years, however, your former vigour has become more and more consumed by the operational side of things and you are currently looking for a successful way to refocus on your entrepreneurial mission.

ATES DACH’s Company & Owner Transformation supports you and your company in mastering the transformative journey towards becoming a self-performing organisation.


Sales & Team Leader Transformation 🧭

In order to successfully master new challenges in a fast-moving and diverse business world, managers and their teams must be able to optimally utilise all available resources and potential at all times. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who achieves so much always had a buddy at their side to support them?

ATES Qabud® offers such a unique on-demand service that supports your key employees during their high-performance journey.

"For the benefit of each individual and
for the good of all."

Definition of High-Performance according to ATES Spirit®

Our understanding of consulting:


Our goal is to move you, support you and ultimately enable you to turn your ambitions into consistent reality. In other words, “Turning Your Ambition into High-Performance Reality”.

As your strategic, advisory, and operational partner, we become an essential part of your journey towards sustainable success, helping you achieve high-performance results through self-organization.



We live the transformation that our customers want for themselves as well as for their company and its people. Because they have identified it as necessary.

This consciously created shared experience ensures a common basis for your personal and economic growth in the long term, which will always be one step ahead of global changes. This makes your future secure, stable and desirable.



Today’s business world is more multidimensional and dynamic than ever. Singular consulting concepts focused on individual consultants cannot meet the challenge of successfully mastering this complexity. That is why our motto is “Don’t trust the consultant, practice the system.” And this universal and highly effective system, on which all the services offered by the ATES Consulting Group are based, is ATES Spirit®.


Uniting spirit and material success

You often hear about “spirit,” but many people aren’t exactly sure what it means. We make it clear with ATES Spirit®.

ATES Spirit® is our proven systemic consulting method for increasing performance. Based on the disciplines of mindset, journey and toolbox, it looks at companies, teams and organizations right down to the individual.

We leverage potential by making strengths visible and promoting self-organized action and a shared high-performer mindset. The energy released flows back in the form of commitment and increased performance.

ATES Spirit® emphasizes that high-performance is never an individual discipline, but the result of collective power for the common good. At ATES Consulting Group, we live the business spirit that you want for yourself, your team and your company.

In over 440 consulting projects, we have grown with our customers and are always open to new requirements and the use of the newest technologies.

For around 30 years, we have been your valuable go-to partner in all areas of self-organized performance, now also remotely and on-demand.

48,000 people have received concrete use cases, techniques for immediate application as well as best-practice instructions for achieving their high level.

Would you like to experience ATES Spirit® for yourself?

Arrange a non-binding initial consultation now.

We bring order to the business world.

As a company that thinks spiritually and acts economically, we strive for material success in all areas of our business in order to realize our mission: to bring order to the business world for the good of all.

We firmly believe that life and work are inextricably linked. People strive to be creative and active in their environment. Only when each individual feels part of a greater whole, they can develop their full potential and contribute with joy and commitment to the success of their company, their team, and themselves.

Transformation to universal knowledge and excellence

That is why we focus our entire product portfolio on making our extensive knowledge from 30 years of consulting experience available to every person, team and organization. Universal knowledge to increase performance should be accessible to every ambitious person in order to achieve individual peak performance.

This economic transformation process is made possible by the unique and universal principle of ATES Spirit®. We combine the highest standards of innovation and sustainability in our way of thinking and working – for the benefit of each individual and for the good of all. This is how we are shaping the quantum economy in the 21st century.

We make ATES Spirit® available for you


At six o’clock in the morning before work, spontaneously before lunch or after a long day at ten o’clock in the evening – we are always there for you when you need us.


On the way to work, on the beach in Miami or between two meetings in an open-plan office – wherever you are, we’re there for you.


Do you need personal support right now or would you like to arrange a detailed meeting for the day after tomorrow? We are always there for you via the ATES Space.

To reflect on your journey or as a sparring partner for a current problem – with ATES Spirit® we are always at your side for all your challenges.

First remote consulting company in the DACH region

Our consulting aims to serve people and not just the company. With the ATES Consulting Group approach, we promote equal opportunities in the German-speaking economic area and beyond.

As a multidimensional service partner, we offer customized support tailored to your individual needs at different stages of your life and career. Our portfolio includes high-performance training for decision-makers and new high-potentials as well as on-demand support for managers to maintain their energy and mental health.

Revolutionary consulting services in the digital age

We offer 100% fixed prices, transparency and a focus on results, without unclear consulting services. Our digital service products are available in a subscription model, so you can use our services flexibly and cost-effectively.

All our services are technology-based and digitally available, so you have access to consulting support anytime and anywhere, to help you achieve your daily business goals. With our transparent on-demand service, we have cut consulting costs by four times compared to traditional management consultancies while doubling efficiency.

At a glance - that's ATES:

Attractive for the Market, Thrive-Oriented Performance, Exclusive Service Products, Strong Business Partner

With this transformation of consulting, we aim to revolutionize the consulting market. The services offered by the ATES Consulting Group will make high-quality premium knowledge from consulting projects in top-tier companies accessible to a wide audience of all ages in a straightforward and economically appealing manner.

I am a new professional.

I am a managing director.

I am a manager or board member.

Partnership with our customers

If you are serious about bringing good into the world, you need to pay attention to who you are working with and how. That’s why we choose our clients carefully.

When are we not the right service provider for you or your company?


If you see success as a singular achievement or do not view people as a central resource for a good working environment and the company’s success, you should reconsider. Employees play a crucial role in long-term success.


If community values are neither relevant to your own actions nor are they practiced in your company.


If you are only looking for short-term results or if your entrepreneurial toolbox is not geared towards sustainability or long term success.


If you are of the opinion that neither you personally nor your employees in the company have the potential to continue to grow in an economically efficient, sales- and results-oriented manner.


If the natural right to achieve great things on your own has no meaning for you and innovation, future orientation and reaching the next level are not important success factors for you or your company.


If you don’t believe that technological innovations help to put people back at the center of decision-making, if these two factors are an “either or” for you and not an “as well as”.

Are you ready for your next step?

We work according to the basic values consistent | alive | effective. Pursuing economic interests for our own benefit as well as combining them with the common good – this is what we understand by a modern, sustainable and multidisciplinary orientation of a high-performing company. If you think you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you, then we look forward to your next step.

Our management board is ready for you.

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Gloria S. Ateş


Viola R. Ateş


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